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About Us

ESSNA Terms of Reference - 2016

The Emergency Social Services Network of Alberta operates under a set of guidelines established in a Terms of Reference dated November 5, 2012.  The terms of reference identify the network’s goals, deliverables, establishes the terms for a Provincial Committee.  Read more... ESSNA Terms Of Reference

ESSNA Membership

In accordance with the ESSNA Terms of Reference, participation is open to representatives from each of the nine regions (based on the AEMA regional structure).

  • Provincial Committee: two representatives welcomed from each region
  • Key stakeholders including: GoA Human Services, GoA Alberta Emergency Management Agency (AEMA), GoA Health Services (AHS) the NGO Council and Alberta Emergency Management Agency (AEMA), Non-government Organizations (NGO) Council, ESSNA Executive Committee.

ESSNA Governance

ESSNA is a voluntary group of ESS representatives from municipalities and First Nations communities, and utilizes a model of collaboration and consensual decision making.

An Executive committee sets the strategic direction for ESSNA and monitors the overall health of the network. The Executive committee includes the following assigned positions; Chairperson, Treasurer, Secretary and Chair of Communications. These positions are reviewed and determined on an annual basis.

ESSNA Working Groups

Working groups are established as needed, and every working group has representation on the ESSNA Executive committee.  Standing groups include Network Administration (Chairperson, Treasurer and Secretary), and Communications.