Exciting news: The ESSNA Event is a go and only $25!

This year the event will be held April 19 & 20, 2016. Registration deadline is April 8th. Click on the downloadable Information Leaflet to learn more about the event and the special rates negotiated for those who need accomodation.  

The event is being held in Calgary at the Coast Plaza Hotel & Conference Centre. Print and email/fax the Registration Form to the contacts listed near the bottom. Payment may be made by credit card simply by calling the contacts. 

We will be elaborating on the ESSNA Regional model, and eagerly looking forward to the panel discussion with AEMA and Human Services regarding the PESS Framework. 

Join us Tuesday, April 19 3 - 5 p.m.:

• Knowledge Exchange: We are excited to have Dr. Tim Haney share the learnings they gathered through surveys and interviews from those people affected by the floods. They asked a variety of questions, including how people made evacuation decisions, who they leaned on for support, how quickly and under what conditions they returned, and whether they saw themselves living in their neighborhoods over the long term. This session is not necessarily focused on an event but rather the human perceptions and perspectives of people post event.

Join us again Wednesday, April 20  9 a.m. - 4 p.m.:

• ESSNA Overview: Learn the new Regional Approach for ESSNA
• Provincial ESS (PESS) Framework presentation by the Government of Alberta
• Regions worktogether to come up with questions on the framework or ESSNA’s new direction
• Panel featuring ESSNA and Governmentof Alberta to answer questions about framework or ESSNA
• Lunch
Two ESS Activation Presentations 
• Shawn Stratton - Leading from the Edge: Creating High Performance Teams Successfully lead your ESS team through adversity and change

 We look forward to seeing you all there!